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<b>Name(Include Middle Name):</b>Courtney Nicole Tucciarone
<b>Promote in two places:
<b> Five Facts about yourself
*im a huge blonde
*i <3 skateboarding
*i <3 skim boarding
*umm i have black hair
*</b>i love doing doing anything that could get my in trouble
<b>Top Five Favorite Bands/Artists
*My Chemical Romance
*System Of A Down
<b> Make us Laugh(dont make it complicated and give us links)just post something that will show up on the appliation</b> not really sure ?
<b>Pics(No Less then 5,include a 150X200 member picture) :</b>

im the one always on the left <3

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You look really different in all the photos. But, from a non-active member to a prosperous one :) Yes.
yeah cause i dyed my hair =/
umm "im a huge blonde" <--------- ?!!!!!? wat ?!!!!!?
lol well i guess i get it but still?!

i think ill just say yes.. because this community needs more members and actually more ACTIVE ones... so yes if u promise to be rly active... <3 good luck
thnx yeah i had blonde hair but i dyed it =/ but im still really blonde at heart lmao! thnx
lol <3 im truly blonde both at heart and well at head i mean hair i mean AHHH u know wat i mean <3 lol
lol yeah i know what you mean i think i know you! you look soo fimallulary {sry cant spell } you live in sarasota right ? what school do you go to??
rhs all the way baby!
really! thats awsome my sister & my friends all go there i live like really close to that school <3 maybe thats why i think i might have known you lol
i wish u had some clearer pics
umm theres only 2 that are un clear...but okay *lmao*
yesum! it is!! that was from halloween!<33 they all spent the night!
well, fine then....
personally, i think ur user pic is the cutest
lol Thnx! <33
for surio